The guardian of all things Courvoisier since 1997, Courvoisier-MiniaturesS/R Laboratories Animation Art Conservation Center is the proud home of Courvoisier Galleries©. The S/R Labs team has worked tirelessly to preserve and maintain not only the artistic integrity, but all of the original techniques and materials used in the creation of Disney artwork that was sold by Courvoisier 70 years ago.


"For more than 30 years we listened to the many art collectors who expressed the wish they could have been there when Courvoisier Galleries introduced the first piece of art from Walt Disney’s landmark feature Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Ron Stark reflects. "And now, after more than 30 years, we have made the wish come true.


hand-paint"So many factors needed to be addressed before such hand-produced artwork could be produced today. But amazingly all the elements have been brought together to create another perfect moment in time. It has happened. It took more than 25 years of research, practice, and the skills of literally hundreds of craftspeople to bring Courvoisier Studio Replicas© to life. The original 1937 suppliers of materials for Courvoisier artwork once again participate in this magical endeavor. We have gathered the art materials of 1937 and the small group of artists and craftspeople able to produce studio-quality production style artwork worthy of both the Disney and Courvoisier name."hands-w-paint-cup


One quarter their original size, Courvoisier Studio Replicas© are original Disney art in a size that is both affordable and supremely collectible.