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Courvoisier Multiplane Studio Replica©

“Somethin's Cookin'!”

From Walt Disney’s
"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"


Attracted by the savory steam from Snow White's simmering kettle, Dopy and Happy stand in front of the cottage's great hearth warmed by more than the glowing embers.

To enhance the illusion of reality and three-dimensional space for their first full-length animated feature, the Disney Studio developed a special Multiplane animation camera. Artwork was divided into foreground, middle, and distant elements, allowing a scene to be photographed creating a visual illusion of perspective.

This scene from sequence 4D, sequence 25, as you look past the great kettle to the cottage behind, recreates the Multiplane illusion exactly as it was originally created. Background and foreground images, as well as the images of the Dwarfs, are reproduced from he original artwork on three levels, as they were for the making of the film. Courvoisier Galleries brings the incomparable illusion of the Multiplane camera to collectors today.

  • All Courvoisier Multiplane Studio Replicas© are completely handmade by master artists in our laboratory in Westlake Village, California, under the supervision of Disney Creative Director David Pacheco.
  • The cels are hand inked and painted from the original animation drawings used in the making of
  • A total of 27 paint colors and 3 ink colors was used for each cel, mixed and matched to the original Disney color keys.
  • Foreground and background elements were reproduced from original artwork on three levels, as they were on the Multiplane camera for the making of the film.
  • Cels are punched with a miniature animation punch below the frame line.
  • The art is presented in conservation-grade Neilson Bainbridge® ArtCare© mats, traditionally hand lettered, finished in the Courvoisier style with the "Original WDP" seal stamped in gold, and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Courvoisier Studio Replicas may be ordered ready to hang and enjoy for years to come. S/R Signature Framing©features Nurre Caxton's EcoCare® Blackwood moulding fitted with security hardware and plastic-coated cable for secure hanging, and finished with a special insignia charm, and meets the highest standards recognized by the Professional Picture Framers Association.