She Lives

Courvoisier Platinum Studio Replica©

“She Lives!”

From Walt Disney’s
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Picture Image  8.25h” X 6.75w”

Production 37

Walt Disney had the idea for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs long before he called his staff together for the first story meetings in 1934. He was a master storyteller and understood the importance of strong characters. In particular, he knew the passionately jealous character of the Queen was the steel thread that would bind the film together and bring the story to life. He also knew she needed to be unquestionably realistic, in order to charge the film with the menace that would convince audiences Snow White was in peril and keep them enthralled. But even he had not anticipated the tremendous power she generated on the screen. Imperiously beautiful and coldly evil, she has never been equaled, and stands as the most iconic Disney villain of them all.

“She Lives!” continues our promise to deliver Disney’s fabled artistry to your art collection at a price that will allow you to look forward to each new edition in the series.


  • All Courvoisier Studio Replicas© are completely handmade by master artists in our laboratory in Westlake Village, California, under the supervision of Disney Creative Director David Pacheco.
  • Cels are hand inked and painted from the original animation drawing used in the making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
  • A total of 31 paint colors and 8 ink colors, mixed and matched to the original Disney color keys, is used for each cel, and the Queen's cheeks are touched with blush, exactly as they were in 1937.
  • Courvoisier Studio Replicas are one quarter the size of a standard production animation cel and punched below the mat line with a miniature animation punch.
  • The signature Courvoisier wood veneer background is designed and prepared using original Courvoisier techniques.

  • The art is presented in conservation-grade Neilson Bainbridge® ArtCare© mats, traditionally hand lettered, finished in the Courvoisier style with the "Original WDP" seal stamped in gold, and accompanied by a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Courvoisier Studio Replicas may be ordered ready to hang and enjoy for years to come. S/R Signature Framing© features Nurre Caxton's EcoCare® Blackwood moulding fitted with security hardware and plastic-coated cable for secure hanging, and finished with a special insignia charm, and meets the highest standards recognized by the Professional Picture Framers Association.